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EU 'funds multimillion pound Alzheimer's research project'

EU 'funds multimillion pound Alzheimer's research project'
5th September 2008

The European Union (EU) is funding a multimillion pound Alzheimer's disease research project, it has emerged.

Nanoparticles for the therapy and diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease has been launched this month and will seek to make use of nanotechnology to generate early diagnosis and effective treatments for the condition, the Lakeland Echo reported.

The project is said to have a total cost of 14.6 million euros (£11.8 million) and brings together scientists from 19 research centres across the continent.

According to the news provider, Professor David Allsop of the Division of Biomedical and Life Sciences at Lancaster University, which is taking part in the research, commented the scientific community has seen little progress to date in producing early diagnosis methods and new treatments.

He continued: "If the expectations of the research are realised, the results can be expected to have an enormous impact on the early diagnosis and cure of this highly distressing disease."

Last month, the Press and Journal reported that the Scottish government is investing £1 million in a university research network aimed at improving the diagnosis and treatment of dementia.

The project, which will be based in Glasgow, Tayside, Grampian and Lothian, is said to be uniting Scotland's most eminent academics and clinicians.

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