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Estrogen can 'reduce stroke damage'

Estrogen can 'reduce stroke damage'
17th July 2009

Estrogen could be used in the near future to treat people who have suffered strokes, according to a new report this week.

Researchers in the US have discovered that the feminine chemical is able to deactivate a tumour-suppressing protein known to prevent many cancers, though it can also kill cells following a stroke.

Limor Raz, a fourth-year PhD student at the Medical College of Georgia School of Graduate Studies, said of the findings: "This part of the brain is extremely important because it is where our memory and learning occur.

"During a stroke, you have all these things happening in your brain, and we've found that estrogen treatment is effective in reducing some of the damage."

She added that now they know what it does, researchers now just have to discover why this is the case.

Last week, Thomas Lynch of the Irish Times stated that Ireland was in dire need of a successful campaign to highlight fast acting when a stroke happens.

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