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Erectile dysfunction may be symptom of health problems

24th April 2007

Erectile dysfunction among the over-fifty fives may be an indicator of more serious underlying health problems, the Sexual Dysfunction Association said today.

Such problems may include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart problems.

Dr John Tomlinson, a specialist in men's sexual health at the association, advised older men with erectile dysfunction have a thorough medical examination to determine whether other health problems are playing a role.

Dr Tomlinson went on to explain that Viagra could be very useful for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, but warned about combining it with some other medications.

He said: "The so-called PDE5 inhibitors…are all excellent and they have very few side effects. If there are [any] they tend to go after a while with continued use.

"They're very safe, apart from one proviso and that's that you can't mix them with drugs that contain nitrates."

Research has suggested Viagra may be beneficial for those suffering from heart disease.