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Electric mobility scooters 'need to be charged throughout winter'

Electric mobility scooters 'need to be charged throughout winter'
23rd September 2011

It is important that electric mobility scooter owners, who may use home care, charge their device throughout the winter, an industry expert has said.

Stephen Perry, interim managing director at Electric Mobility, noted that battery levels should be kept up so the batteries do not discharge completely.

When the scooter is not being used, charging the batteries just once a week may be enough to keep the power topped up.

"If you leave them in a discharged condition over the winter you may end up with a bill for new batteries in the spring when you come to use the scooter again," warned the expert.

However, those who want to continue using their scooter throughout the cold season can do so, as long as they wrap up warm and observe the daily weather forecast, he continued.

Carrying a hi-visibility jacket is a must, as is a waterproof jacket and gloves.

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