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Elderly people with asthma should 'lose weight'

Elderly people with asthma should 'lose weight'
26th August 2009

People must do their best to reduce unhealthy food in their diet if the effects of asthma are to be challenged, it is explained.

Leanne Metcalf, the assistant director of research at Asthma UK, outlined a number of things which those with breathing issues can do to keep their condition under control.

She said: "For all people with asthma, losing weight and getting fitter through healthy eating and exercise - unless the exercise makes their asthma worse - can all improve lung function and help control symptoms.

"If people with asthma are overweight or obese, this is especially important."

Other things which can trigger asthma attacks, such as pets or cleaning products, should also be excluded during this process; otherwise, such a cause of action could be undermined.

Asthma UK looks after the interests of the 5.4 million people in the UK whose lives are affected by the respiratory condition.

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