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Elderly 'not writing wills due to economic squeeze'

Elderly 'not writing wills due to economic squeeze'
26th September 2008

Elderly people with fixed incomes and few assets are not making wills, according to one expert.

As they are experiencing rising food and fuel costs, "something's got to give, so they won't make a will", argued managing director of Exclusively Wills Paul Gachet.

Commenting on the types of people who do write wills, he said that younger people who have just had children are often spurred on to do so.

However, he said that many middle-aged people do not make wills because they do not feel it applies to them.

Meanwhile, a leading charity has called on the public to lend its support to the forthcoming Older People's Day.

The Alzheimer's Society suggested people can organise their own local events to mark the occasion, which takes place on October 1st.

Under the banner of Full of Life, this year's event aims to challenge outdated stereotypes and to act as a reminder that old age can be as exciting and fulfilling as any other time of life.

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