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Elderly need support through winter

20th October 2005

Elderly people throughout the UK will need support over the winter months, a spokesperson for Age Concern has claimed.

David Clark's comments come after prediction reports from the Met Office show this winter could be one of the coldest in a decade.

Speaking on BBC One's 'Breakfast', Mr Clark explained that the current "real" concern is that there are so many lonely people out there who have no contact with others.

"They have got probably very little family, friends," he said.

"They need to know that there is someone they can contact to get help, and there is help available."

The plight of the elderly in preparation for the cold season has also been worsened by rising fuel prices which many pensioners cannot afford to pay.

Those in 'fuel poverty' will have a higher risk of living in sub standard conditions and as a result will have a higher risk of becoming ill with flu or pneumonia.

Mr Clark said help is out there for those pensioners who are struggling.

"If they don't really want to contact large authorities like that they can always contact Age Concern or their carers and so on and they will get the advice they need to do something about it," he added.