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Elderly lobby for age discrimination ban

20th April 2007

This week 250 older people from across the UK gathered at Westminster to meet their MPs, with whom they discussed age discrimination.

The Help the Aged Mass Lobby for Age Equality is calling for he banning of age discrimination, as the government makes final decisions about the Discrimination Law Review.

The lobbyists are representing those from across the UK who have been writing to their MPs over the last few months.

Kate Jopling, senior policy manager at Help the Aged, said: "Our research shows that 73 per cent of people agree that older people face discrimination on grounds of age in their everyday lives."

The movement calls for a ban on age discrimination in the provision goods facilities and services.

But Alan Leaman, director of corporate communications at the Association of British Insurers, has defended his industry's decision to raise the cost of insurance premiums for older people.

He told the BBC's Working Lunch programme: "People who are over 65 are liable to make a claim three times as often as younger people and when they do it's going to be three times the size.

"So there's lots of evidence to support higher premiums as people get older.

"What I'd say is that this is a very competitive market, it's worth shopping around."