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Elderly human rights 'vital'

13th June 2006

The level of care for elderly residents in care homes is set for even greater improvement, if calls from a residential care organisation are heeded.

The Relatives' and Residents' Association has said that some improvements need to be made regarding the human rights of elderly and frail people, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Help with personal hygiene in care homes and ensuring that residents receive sufficient amounts of food were highlighted as two areas that needed to be focussed on.

The association's announcement comes on the back of a suggested new bill put forward by the Liberal Democrat MP Paul Burstow that demands better human rights for the elderly.

Although the bill is unlikely to be passed into law, it has given encouragement to many that politicians are treating the elderly human rights issue seriously.

There are believed to be around 400,000 elderly people in the UK currently residing in care homes.