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Elderly facing "isolation and dependency"

18th December 2006

A number of elderly care groups have warned Gordon Brown that spending must be increased if elderly people are to avoid a life of "isolation and dependency".

Some eight groups, including Age Concern, the King's Fund and Help the Aged, have sent a joint letter to the government asking for extra care funds, reports the BBC.

Elderly social care currently receives around £10 billion per annum, a sixth of the NHS' budget but although the NHS has seen a seven per cent increase in funding in recent years, the elderly sector's funds have improved by between just two and three per cent.

"Unless we act now, more will be denied the help they need," the letter read.

"Without additional funds for social care, very many vulnerable older people will be condemned to isolation and dependency."

The letter claims that spending on elderly care, such as in the prevention of falls, would help reduce hospital admissions and see a decline in overall NHS spending.

A spokesperson for the Treasury said that the groups' views would be taken in to account when the spending review is unveiled next year.