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Elderly 'do not want to die in hospitals'

Elderly 'do not want to die in hospitals'
27th November 2008

Recent research by a national organisation has revealed that the elderly would prefer to pass away in care homes and not hospital, it has been reported.

The National Audit Office (NAO) said that even though 74 per cent of people preferred to end their lives at home or in comfort, only 35 per cent died in care homes as per their wishes, emphasising the need for increased need for palliative care in homes or hospices.

Commenting on the situation, Tim Burr of the NAO said: "Organisations responsible for the care of people approaching the end of their life need to improve the planning and delivery of services, particularly support in the community."

He added that there is scope for these improvements within the resources provided to care home operators around the country which will allow the increased intake through better efficiency.

The NAO audits the financial statements of all public bodies, government departments and other agencies around the country in order to ensure that taxpayers' money is being used effectively.

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