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Elderly could freeze this winter

17th October 2005

Elderly people not living in adequate facilities such as care homes are at significant risk of freezing this winter.

Help the Aged is concerned about the effect of increasing energy prices on older people and is asking companies and the government to help those vulnerable members of society.

Adrian Thomas spokesperson for Help the Aged said while the organisation recognises that fuel prices fluctuate, they are concerned about the effects that current increasing prices will have on older people.

"Every winter over 20,000 older people die of avoidable cold related illnesses and over one million householders over 60 years old in the UK live in fuel poverty," he explained.

"Fuel poverty is a very complex issue caused by a range of factors, including cold, damp housing conditions and poor energy efficient homes. It's therefore vital that the most disadvantaged older people are helped."

The government has promised to stamp out fuel poverty by 2016.