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Elderly could "benefit from digital technology"

Elderly could
19th December 2007

Help the Aged have stated that digital skills are key life skills and that older people should not be excluded from learning them.

Responding to the Demos report- "Web I'm 64: Ageing the internet and digital inclusion", Anna Pearson, policy manager for Help the Aged said: "Debate around the digital divide is ongoing and this report is a valuable contribution.

"If current patterns continue unchanged, many older people are likely to miss out on the digital revolution."

Ms Pearson continued to say that the research showed that pensioners should not be written off as disinterested in the internet as they are a key group who could benefit from digital technology.

She added that the government and policymakers need to take action to help older people learn about the benefits of the internet.

The "Web I'm 64" report showed that the over-50s are hesitant to go online due to fear of fraud and confusion over jargon.

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