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Elderly campaign says 'Forgetmenot'

23rd September 2005

A Labour Party member is going to try to win better hospital care for the elderly, criticising the government's health policy.

According to the Independent, Harriet Yeo will launch a 'Forgetmenot' campaign to highlight the discrimination elderly people suffer under the current health service.

Ms Yeo, who has served on three health bodies and is currently a trade union representative on Labour's national executive committee (NEC), devised the campaign after being appalled at the level of treatment her late mother received when admitted to hospital.

From October 'Forgetmenot' will provide advice and support for the relatives of older people in hospital through emails and a website.

Ms Yeo told the Independent the government's "choice" agenda was "a lie" for the elderly because many are admitted to hospital as an emergency.

"With Gordon Brown saying that he is going to cut money into the NHS and Patricia Hewitt [the Health Secretary] saying she is going to [have] more NHS services outsourced to private providers to facilitate the 'choice' programme, ... facilities for the elderly will be cut first," she told the paper.