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Eating greens 'can reduce stroke risk'

Eating greens 'can reduce stroke risk'
28th December 2007

Eating regular portions of fruit and vegetables can help to reduce the risk of a stroke by over 25 per cent, according to the Stroke Association.

A spokesperson for the body said that by eating five portions of fresh fruit and greens a day, people can generally lower the possibility of suffering from the condition, while even just one portion can be beneficial.

However, eating fruit and vegetables is not the only way in which a person can improve their health prospects.

She said that being overweight can increase the chances of suffering from a stroke, before adding: "Three servings of wholegrain food – things like whole wheat bread, cereal, and pasta – can almost halve your risk of stroke."

According to the Stroke Association, the condition is the third most common cause of death in England and Wales, accounting for 67,000 fatalities a year.

In addition, around 300,000 people in the UK live with a range of disabilities caused by suffering a stroke.

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