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Early lung cancer screening 'would save lives'

Early lung cancer screening 'would save lives'
1st November 2007

A new clinical study has shown that CT scanning can detect lung cancer long before it is manifest in any symptoms.

The Canadian study was led by radiologist Heidi Roberts at Princess Margaret Hospital.

It looked at 1,000 Canadian smokers aged 55 and older, who had smoked at least a pack of cigarettes each day for 10 years.

Some 26 per cent of participants needed further testing and 2.2 per cent had cancer.

Dr Roberts commented: "It is often too late to save lives when people become aware of symptoms. This is why early detection is so important.

"The sooner lung cancer is detected, the easier it is to treat, often less invasively, and certainly more cost effectively."

The study, which appears in the October issue of the Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal, was part of the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program, which has more than 35,000 participants worldwide.

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