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Early diagnosis 'important' for Alzheimer's patients

Early diagnosis 'important' for Alzheimer's patients
9th July 2008

An early diagnosis for people with Alzheimer's disease can help them to go on and lead a fulfilling life, it has been reported.

When people are diagnosed earlier, they are increasingly likely to "take control of their own futures", the Edmonton Journal said.

It reported the case of Florence Oppenheimer from New Jersey in the US, who said she was able to have prompt neurological tests and obtain information from support organisations after she was told by her doctor she may be showing early signs of the condition.

Ms Oppenheimer told the news provider that the organisations were able to help her: "They sent me a whole bunch of literature and recommended things I should do."

It added Lisa Gwyther, author of a book called The Alzheimer's Action Plan, sees maintaining a social life as an important factor in learning to live with the condition.

Researchers from the universities of St Andrews and Dundee last week suggested computer games may help older people with dementia to keep their brains active.

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