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E-petition calls on Blair to support elderly

5th March 2007

Hundreds of people have signed an e-petition calling on the prime minister to fund long-term care for the sick and elderly.

The petition was set up by Stephen Johnson of the Continuing Care Campaign and uses the 1946 National Health Service Act to call the government to account over the provision of care.

"Tony Blair said at the Labour Party Conference in 1997 that he didn't want his children brought up in a country where pensioners had to sell their homes to pay for long-term care," Mr Johnson said in the petition's preview.

"Since then approx 700,000 homes have been sold to pay for care.

"This applies to sick people of all ages. These people have paid taxes and national insurance all their lives, then suddenly they get taxed again when they become ill by funding their own long-term care. What an absolute disgrace."

So far, 554 people have signed the petition - which is running until August 20th - since it was set up at the end of last month.