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Dudwell St Mary highlights value of memories

Dudwell St Mary highlights value of memories
25th September 2007

Dudwell St Mary joined forces with a local primary school to raise awareness of World Alzheimer's Day 2007 on Friday.

The parents and children are encouraged to make a small donation of £1 in aid of the Hastings Alzheimer's Society.

Children from Burwash Primary School were asked to create a 'Magical Memories Box' comprising three items for special days or occasions. The theme of the day was underlining the importance of memories.

General manager Geoff Pride said: "The concept behind the 'Magical Memories' box is to celebrate memories rather than actually depress the children with the reality of dementia. The idea behind it is to encourage the children to create memories and hold on to them as magical moments.

"At Dudwell St Mary Care Home we offer specialist dementia care through our Memory Lane Centre - so this is close to our hearts."

The children were presented with goodie bags at the end of the exercise, which it is hoped will provoke magical memories of the day.