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Don't neglect eye health

Don't neglect eye health
15th May 2012

As people get older it is possible that eyesight will deteriorate. While this is a natural part of the ageing process, there are things people can do to ensure that their eyes stay in tip-top shape.

Mr CT Pillai, medical director of Harley Street vision correction clinic Advanced Vision Care, explained: "As well as the effects on our general health that we can feel, our lifestyle choices also affect our eyesight, but too many people don’t consider this until symptoms appear."

Consequently, it is important to avoid smoking, eat healthily and exercise regularly to ensure that eyes are looked after.

Wearing sunglasses is also vital and older adults must remember that they aren't just a summer accessory.

During the winter, the sun can be equally as powerful, so the second it shines it is good advice to slip on the shades.

However, the most important thing a person can do to protect their eyes is to have regular check-ups with an optician.

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