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Disabled would rather work

12th October 2005

Disabled people would much rather be working than living on benefits, says the chief executive of the disability charity Scope.

Tony Manwaring said despite this desire, the lack of support within the system often makes it difficult for those claiming incapacity benefit to start employment.

While appearing on ITV's 'Lunchtime News' Mr Manwaring lobbied for a total reform of the system.

"I'm here to speak about the over one million disabled people who would like to work and who can't and the many disabled people who would like to participate in our society, but because of the way the system doesn't work for them, aren't able to pay their way, aren't able to be included and aren't able to help play their role in getting the benefits bill down if that's possible," he stated.

"Disabled people, they're not scroungers, they're not malingerers, they're not whingers; they are people who could participate but who often find that the benefits that they need to manage their impairments are taken away if they get work and then they end up being worse off than when they first started."

The Work and Pensions Secretary David Blunkett agrees and has already pointed towards reforming the entire welfare system with a distinct focus on lowering the number of people on incapacity benefits.

Around 2.8 million people are currently claiming incapacity benefits in Britain.