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Diabetes patients 'vulnerable to flu'

24th November 2006

A diabetes campaign group has said that the number of diabetics who have not yet received a flu jab gives cause for concern.

According to the care manager of Diabetes UK, Natasha Marsland, not having the seasonal flu vaccination leaves diabetes sufferers at risk.

She was speaking after Pulse magazine revealed that the number of people most vulnerable to catching seasonal flu who have received a jab has fallen this year, from 54 per cent by October 2005 to just 37 per cent to the same month in 2006.

"This is a huge concern to us because people with diabetes are in one of those vulnerable groups which should be having this vaccination," said Ms Marsland.

"We want people with diabetes to keep well and if they are not having this vaccination then they are more at risk of complications."

Diabetes UK currently spends over £5 million on research every year to improve the treatment of diabetes, while representing the interests of people with diabetes by lobbying the government for better standards of care.