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Device 'could improve dementia sufferers' lives'

Device 'could improve dementia sufferers' lives'
20th March 2008

A north-east research team have designed a tracking device with a view to helping people with dementia.

The team, from the University of Newcastle's Institute of Ageing and Health, developed the Keeping in Touch Every day (KITE) project to help those suffering from memory loss and their carers, reports the North East Journal.

The device can be attached either to an individual or an object on their person and sends a signal to a receiver – allowing carers to monitor the wearer's whereabouts.

Dr Patrick Olivier, senior lecturer in computing science at Newcastle University and member of the Institute of Ageing and Health, told the publication: "It was about making something very personal for people that fits in with their lives and doesn’t require them to change their lives altogether."

He added that the KITE device was created with input from dementia sufferers and their careers and took into account the problems that many older people experience when using technology.

This follows news that the Institute for Ageing and Health discovered that fatigue and falls are caused by abnormalities in how blood pressure is regulated – paving the way for potential treatment which could lower the number of falls suffered by the elderly.

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