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Denture rules to hit care home residents

27th June 2006

New rules which will reduce the number of denturists in the UK will have a negative impact on the provision of dentures to people in residential homes, it has been claimed.

The new measures man that, from July 31st, unregistered denturists will no longer be able to operate high street practices, meaning that people needing new false teeth will need to find a dentist.

Nick Peacock of Direct Dentures in Kirkgate, Shipley, is a denturist and explained to ThisisBradford: "At the moment we take impressions and everything is done in one building and the patient is dealing directly with the person making the dentures."

However, the new rules will change this procedure, making it more difficult for people to have their dentures made. Mr Peacock anticipates that the matter will be particularly troublesome for those in care homes who are unable to easily get to and from dentists.

Further, he warns that the need to register with a dentist will be a problem for many, given the current shortage of NHS dentists in the country.

"I go out to see people in hospital and homes if they are bed-ridden and I don't think dentists will be prepared to do that," Mr Peacock explained.

He warned: "There will be people who can't get dentures and they won't be able to eat."