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Dementia plans praised by charity

Dementia plans praised by charity
23rd December 2008

The Alzheimer's Society has announced it is pleased with the government's decision to commit itself to ensuring that GPs are trained to spot dementia in its early stages.

Neil Hunt, the chief executive of the organisation, said people want access to accurate diagnoses as well as both information and support, which they feel will put them in full control of their lives and allow them to be treated with both respect and dignity.

He added that one in three people over 65 have some form of dementia, yet the UK is in the bottom third of Europe for the amount it invests in the disease.

Mr Hunt said: "Whilst today's announcement contains good news, actions speak louder than words and there is an urgent need for investment in dementia to make these plans a reality.

"The government must publish its full strategy as soon as possible."

According to the National Dementia Strategy's draft, 15 recommendations were made under the headings of public and professional awareness, improving quality of care as well as early diagnosis and intervention.

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