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Dementia 'not linked to cholesterol in middle age'

Dementia 'not linked to cholesterol in middle age'
12th November 2010

High levels of cholesterol during mid-life may not be a factor in the development of Alzheimer's, contrary to previous reports.

In a 32-year study by researchers from the US and Sweden, 1,462 women were studied and it was found that high levels of cholesterol in middle gave no increased risk of developing dementia.

However, it was discovered that women whose cholesterol levels decreased the most between middle and older age did have a greater probability of developing dementia.

The Alzheimer's Research Trust head of research Dr Simon Ridley said that the link between cholesterol and dementia has yet to be truly understood.

"We must invest in more research to find ways to prevent dementia. It's clear that a healthy lifestyle, though important, is not enough," he said.

According to the latest research from the Alzheimer's Society, two-thirds of the people who go on to develop dementia in later life are women.

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