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Dementia films at Edinburgh

24th August 2006

The Edinburgh Festival is doing its bit for raising dementia awareness.

Two films being screened during this week are hoping to raise awareness and acceptance of the condition among the population.

One short film, called Ex Memoria, follows a woman with dementia in a nursing home.

Ex Memoria began as a collaboration between writer and director Josh Appignanesi and the lecturers of the Bradford Dementia group.

The Bradford Dementia Group is part of the University of Bradford's School of Health Studies.

Eva, the main character, is based on the director's grandmother and his memories of her as a child have formed an integral part of the production's influences.

"Ex Memoria gives people a glimpse of the strangeness of living with dementia," said one of the lecturers, Errollyn Bruce.

"Josh drew upon his grandmother's life history and experiences to create the character Eva and the collaboration with the Bradford Dementia Group helped him present a believable picture of Eva's experience of dementia."

Another film takes place today.