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Is dementia diagnosed quickly enough?

Is dementia diagnosed quickly enough?
2nd April 2012

Dementia is not diagnosed quickly enough in most parts of the UK, creating an "unacceptable" variation in treatment.

This is the opinion of Sir Mark Walport, head of the Welcome Trust, speaking to The Daily Telegraph.

He has called on the government to tackle the disparity between the development of the disease and doctors linking symptoms with dementia as their number one priority.

"There needs to be a much greater consistency in terms of diagnosis, I think there is a lack of uniformity," Sir Mark said to the newspaper.

"In different parts you will find different diagnosis rates, so there is an information and education element in this."

This comes as officials announce a new dementia drive in the UK, which will improve dementia care and fund new research.

Finding a new way to strategise for dementia is vital for Britain, as its population ages rapidly.

Over the coming years, the number of older adults relying on health services is set to increase dramatically.

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