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Dementia 'the challenge of the century'

Dementia 'the challenge of the century'
27th October 2008

Dementia represents the greatest health and social care challenge to be faced this century, according to a leading charity.

Investment in research is needed in order to help identify those who are at greatest risk of developing the condition and also to develop early interventions, stated Dr Susanne Sorensen, head of research at the Alzheimer's Society.

The spokesperson indicated hope that the National Dementia Care strategy, set to be published in November, will assist in the UK's preparation for tackling the future impact of the condition.

Commenting on the current need to fund research into the condition, Ms Sorensen said: "This investment needs to go hand-in-hand with awareness campaigns educating people that they can reduce their risk of dementia by eating a healthy balanced diet and taking regular exercise."

The charity was making its statement in response to a report released last week which outlined some of the key challenges associated with the increasing toll of dementia.

'Developing our brains from Cradle to Grave', which was commissioned by government think-tank Foresight, indicated that dementia will cost the UK economy £50 billion per year within the next 30 years.

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