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Dementia carers 'use radio wave technology'

Dementia carers 'use radio wave technology'
17th October 2008

A number of care homes are introducing radio wave technology with the aim of improving levels of dementia care, it is reported.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is to be used in five dementia care units operated by Nottingham city council, states

The service will be used to securely store an individual's data in their items of clothing, as it can be distressing for residents to see others wearing their clothes.

According to the news provider, Councillor Dave Liversidge, Nottingham city council's spokesperson for adult services, housing and health, said that the new system will help staff in care homes meet appropriate standards of care.

He continued: "The RFID buttons will help us to ensure that we meet those standards by being able to care for residents' clothes according to their individual wishes."

Meanwhile a Barchester care home was recently praised in a national newspaper for the high standards of dementia care it provides to residents.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Bel Mooney said she had been "privileged" to spend time at St Thomas' care home in Basingstoke, where "lives are cherished".

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