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Decline in Alzheimer's patients slowed by vitamin E?

Decline in Alzheimer's patients slowed by vitamin E?
7th May 2009

Vitamin E, if used in conjunction with other drugs that have anti-inflammatory properties, may help slow the mental and physical decline in people with Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study.

In an initiative sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, a report was carried out to look into 540 patients treated at the Massachusetts General Hospital Memory Disorders Unit for the neurodegenerative condition.

Each patient received the regular treatment, with a further 208 patients taking vitamin E without the anti-inflammatory drug and another 177 taking the combination of the two.

While a modest decline in abilities was recorded by those taking only vitamin E over the course of three years, a much better effect was achieved through the medicinal combination put forward by the research group.

A major NHS investment through the King's Fund aims to develop such research, with the charity aiming to improve the living conditions of dementia sufferers and their carers or families.

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