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Dark chocolate may not have health benefits

Dark chocolate may not have health benefits
21st December 2007

Dark chocolate does not necessarily have health benefits, according to new research.

Plain chocolate is supposedly good for the heart, as it is naturally rich in flavanols, a plant chemical which is believed to protect the heart.

A recent study, printed in Circulation, claimed that chocolate with high levels of flavanol compounds improved the coronary vascular function of eleven heart transplant patients.

However, the editorial of the Lancet states that many manufacturers remove these flavonals due to their bitter taste.

"Consumers are also kept in the dark about the flavanol content of chocolate because manufacturers rarely label their products with this information," it continued.

The author also wrote that the fat, sugar and calories added to dark chocolate are likely to counteract any benefits from flavonals.

According to NHS Direct, approximately 1.2 million throughout the UK suffer from heart disease.

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