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Dangers of dementia highlighted by 13-year-old with condition

Dangers of dementia highlighted by 13-year-old with condition
14th September 2009

It seems that dementia can affect more than those in the older age demographics.

This is because Isobel Jeffery, a 13-year-old girl, has developed an extremely rare version of the disease, causing her to revert into a similar state to a victim in their 70s.

The young girl is unable to walk and has difficulties feeding or dressing herself, with her family having a limited understanding of their daughter due to her inability to talk properly.

Nicola Jeffery, Isobel's mother, explained that when she was nine, she "suddenly started slurring her words", adding: "It sounded like she was drunk."

She continued: "Now it is a relentless loss of skills and mobility. We've been told that she will slowly deteriorate. She has undergone extensive tests but the outcome is always the same."

Doctors believe the girl will have around 15 years to live, though she will gradually deteriorate further during this period.

According to research by the Alzheimer's Society, there are currently 15,000 younger people in the UK with dementia.

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