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Cutting edge Parkinson's treatment receives European approval

Cutting edge Parkinson's treatment receives European approval
27th January 2009

A deep brain stimulation system developed in the US for the treatment of side effects caused by Parkinson's disease has been given clearance to be exported to Europe, it has been reported.

St Jude Medical's two technologies, known as the Libra and Libra XP, are applied much in the same way as pacemakers for hearts, with electrical impulses used to stimulate different sections of the brain.

Chris Chavez, the president of St Jude Medical neuromodulation division, said his company has a long history of developing such devices for Parkinson's disease and it has worked with over 45,000 people to achieve its latest milestone.

He continued: "The approval of our first deep brain stimulation system represents the fulfilment of a milestone for St Jude Medical as we continue to deliver on our promise to develop therapies to treat neurological conditions."

St Jude Medical is based in St Paul, Minnesota and was founded in 1976, taking $3.8 billion (£2.7 billion) in net sales in 2007.

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