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'Cut cancer risk by keeping BMI as low as possible'

'Cut cancer risk by keeping BMI as low as possible'
6th November 2007

It is better to be towards the lighter end of your healthy body mass index (BMI) range in terms of cancer risk, experts have advised.

A new report published by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) found that the higher an individual's body fat, the greater their risk of developing cancer.

Therefore, its key recommendation was to keep BMI within the 20 to 25 range.

The report was based on the 7,000 most relevant studies carried out since the 1960s.

Professor Sir Michael Marmot, the chair of the panel, said: "The fact is that putting on weight can increase your cancer risk, even if you are still within the healthy range. So the best advice for cancer prevention is to avoid weight gain, and if you are already overweight then you should aim to lose weight."

The researchers, who were observed by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, advised against using dietary supplements for cancer protection.

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