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CRT treatment helps diabetes sufferers with heart trouble

4th September 2006

New research indicates that an established cardiac treatment can help sufferers that have other morbidities.

Scientists at Medtronic claim that the firm's cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT), which is used on heart patients, is also effective in improving the hearts of patients who also suffer from other diseases such as diabetes.

CRT is thought to lower the risk of death from heart failure by 45 per cent, while the new findings indicate that heart failure death in patients with diabetes is reduced by 39 per cent using the same process.

The findings, which were unveiled to the World Congress of Cardiology, were gleaned from analysis of the recent CARE-HF study.

"From previous CARE-HF data, we already knew that CRT improves survival in heart failure patients," said Dr Uta Hoppe from the University of Cologne.

"With these new data, we now have proof that CRT is beneficial in heart failure patients with different co-morbidities, including those at risk of sudden cardiac death and patients with diabetes."

Diabetes sufferers are believed to be five times likelier to experience heart problems.