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Courier service to highlight MND cause

Courier service to highlight MND cause
5th October 2009

A personal tragedy in the family has led one company owner to lead the charge on highlighting the cause of motor neurone disease (MND) on his vans.

Mike Powell, the top dog at National Link Couriers in Wellingborough, lost his mother to the deadly disease and as a result, he has partnered up with Artisan Signs in Kettering to produce adverts which will be taking pride of place on the back of his fleet.

Former van driver Chris Olley is central to the piece, with the advert stating: "I used to drive a van. Then I got MND. Now I can't drive and soon won't be able to walk or talk."

Mr Powell said of the campaign: "My vans travel across the whole country so the ads are going to be seen by thousands of travellers."

He continued: "I believe that once people know about this disease, they will be moved to help support the charity's work and find the cure so that others will not suffer the same fate as my mother."

The campaign has garnered the support of the MND Association, which was formed in 1979 to provide support, guidance and advice to everyone affected by the condition.

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