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Counsel and Care for older people

9th June 2006

New information for older people, their families and their carers has been published in time for Carers Week which runs from June 12th until June 18th.

The new data includes a completely updated set of 29 factsheets detailing issues affecting older people and is being published this week by the charity Counsel and Care.

The health of carers as well as old people is being highlighted during the week by events across the country, with calls for carers to be offered health checks.

It is thought that many informal carers are not getting the support that they need because they are not aware that it is available.

Stephen Burke, chief executive of Counsel and Care said: "Carers need better information about the community care system, so that they can navigate it effectively, both for themselves and for the person they care for."

The factsheets cover a range of issues affecting older people, such as finding a place in a care home, going into hospital and accessing care in the community.

The factsheet for carers includes details such as the benefits and entitlements of carers and the carer's assessment process.