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Councils are 'forcing old people to sell homes'

Councils are 'forcing old people to sell homes'
30th January 2009

Elderly people who own their own property are being forced to sell their homes to fund residential care despite neighbouring authorities not taking such actions, it has been reported.

Government funding rules are causing confusion among local councils, the Conservative party has illustrated, with many not taking the option to allow the older demographic to keep their home if a relative or friend is staying with them.

It was estimated that this occurrence has affected 50,000 elderly individuals in order to fund respite care of up to £700 a week, as means testing judged they could afford to pay for the service themselves.

Commenting on the information, Kate Jopling of Help the Aged said: "Postcode lotteries exist all through our care system. If the social care system is to meet the needs of millions of older and disabled people, we need to start moving to a national system of eligibility criteria."

According to figures compiled by Help the Aged, there are now over 12 million pensioners in the UK, making up nearly one-fifth of the British population.

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