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Council tax increase of 3% 'cruel to pensioners'

Council tax increase of 3% 'cruel to pensioners'
27th March 2009

Pensioners living on their own and receiving home care are going to face tougher times ahead if the proposition of a three per cent rise in council tax goes through, it has been stated.

According to Age Concern and Help the Aged, many elderly people on low, fixed incomes will struggle to meet further demands from local authorities following years of top-ups.

The organisations stated together: "This unfair charge can financially cripple older people who are asset rich but cash poor because it is worked out on the basis of the size of their property, rather than their income, leaving many struggling to find the means to pay."

Policy manager at Help the Aged Anna Pearson stated that it was "high time" the government made sure older people received any aid necessary to help them face these additional charges, with only 45 per cent of older people claiming the council tax benefit that belongs to them.

This week, the two charities also highlighted the real rate of inflation which many pensioners are facing due to the lack of benefit they receive from falls in mortgage interest.

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