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Community care drive reaches out with Barchester

Community care drive reaches out with Barchester
9th June 2009

Prestbury Beaumont Care Home, a Barchester care home close to Macclesfield, is calling on locals to lend a hand and enhance the quality of care its residents receive on a day to day basis.

The community is looking for people to help with gardening on the vast landscape that surrounds the building, where enthusiasts have the chance to hone their skills with the home's gardener over the eight acres of land.

However, many residents do not receive visitors while others still like seeing friendly faces, so more personable people may want to keep the residents company over a cup of tea or help out on one of many day trips organised by the home.

Mark Shockledge, the general manager of the care home, is asking for anyone over the age of 18 to give something back to the people who have put in so much to the local landscape over the years.

He aims to create a "friendly, informal" agreement with those happy to show goodwill.

"It'll be a great opportunity to mix with a diverse group of people from all different walks of life and you can give something back to the community."

Prestbury Beaumont Care Home already runs the highest quality care possible, with the Care Quality Commission giving the home an excellent rating - the best grade available.

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