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Columbo star has 'adequate treatment'

Columbo star has 'adequate treatment'
23rd February 2009

Actor and the leading star of TV series Columbo Peter Falk has been described as having "adequate care" to deal with his current condition brought about by Alzheimer's disease.

The 81-year-old has been said to be in 24-hour care and is consistently "well-dressed, clean and composed", in comments made before the close of a court case involving a relative.

Catherine Falk, the actor's daughter, filed a petition at a US court house to seek the ownership of his estate after she claimed her father was no longer able to recognise people, adding that she worried someone could trick the famous face into signing away his personal items.

The details of Mr Falk's estate will be decided on Monday, with the conservatorship of the actor's belongings tipped to be given to his daughter of his wife Shera, who currently controls the assets.

Another famous face, John Suchet, has revealed his tragic links to Alzheimer's disease recently. The newsreader spoke of his wife, Bonnie, who has had the condition for five years, stating that "the Bonnie I loved has actually gone".

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