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Coalition to debate care services

25th April 2007

A coalition is coming together to debate the current failings of the care system and their potential solutions.

The coalition, 'Caring Choices' includes Help the Aged, Age Concern, the King's Fund and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation along with 11 other organisations.

They have come together in response to the increased burden posed by future generations of pensioners, which was explored by Sir Derek Wanless in his review of social care funding.

The debate will be launched tomorrow (April 26th), exploring themes such as payment of care, informal care provision and the elderly's contribution to care costs.

Those invited to the debates will include the elderly, their carers, care providing service representatives and national-level policy makers.

Mervyn Kohler, head of public affairs at Help the Aged, said: "Getting the balance between what is fair for individuals to contribute and what the state should pay is the first step towards creating a fairer system all round.

"The government alone can't make this decision, we must all have a say."