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Cliff Richard speaks of mother's Alzheimer's

Cliff Richard speaks of mother's Alzheimer's
12th September 2008

Cliff Richard has spoken frankly about his experiences watching his mother develop Alzheimer's disease.

The Young Ones star made his comments to the Daily Mail, explaining her symptoms had begun with forgetfulness in her 70s.

He said the "wonderful, vibrant" woman he lived became a shell of her former self.

"We always tried to reassure her in some way. It was a tough thing to deal with. Towards the end, she didn't recognise us," Sir Cliff stated.

It had been a painful time for both him and his sisters, the singer added.

The Alzheimer's Society acknowledges it can be very distressing to watch a loved one battle dementia.
It urges carers to work to make the sufferer feel respected and valued both for their present state and their previous achievements.

Some people with dementia may become irritating or upsetting, the support group acknowledges, and it is important to remember this may be because they are ill rather than a deliberate attempt at causing hurt.

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