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CIAA backs obesity consultation

6th April 2006

The CIAA has backed European Commission plans for a public consultation in to preventing obesity and chronic disease in Europe.

The confederation of the food and drink industries of the European Union said that better diets and increased physical activity is vital in improving people's quality of life and preventing diseases.

The CIAA added that it intends to work "responsibly and constructively" with authorities and other stakeholders to tackle the problem of obesity in Europe.

"Tackling the multifactorial aspects of the obesity issue will require multiple strategies and the sustained efforts of many players," the confederation said.

It added that policies had to be more far reaching than simply focusing on food and food marketing, with a myriad of other factors needed to be taken in to account in preventing chronic disease and obesity.

"The voluntary commitments undertaken by CIAA accelerate, deepen and widen the ongoing efforts of the food and drink industry to promote healthy diets and physical activity," the CIAA added.

Around 19 per cent of people in the UK are obese; double the figure recorded in the mid 1980s.