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Church fights Alzheimer's progression with song

Church fights Alzheimer's progression with song
11th December 2008

Parishioners at a church in North Carolina are fighting Alzheimer's among their older members by running music sessions, it is reported.

Deborah Block, writing for, explained that the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville has arranged for older attendees to sing together and play instruments.

It is believed such activities can delay and limit the effects of the disease in sufferers.

The church's minister James Brown is one of a handful of people who have a specific gene mutation which causes Alzheimer's, the reporter revealed.

"I know that I have the gene. I can't change the gene. So I work twice as hard in other areas to combat it," the religious leader said.

Recently, medical hope was raised for Alzheimer's suffers, as scientists at the Indiana University School of Medicine told the Clinical Interventions in Aging journal that Drugs harnessing cholinesterase inhibitors can reduce wandering, paranoia and aggression symptoms.

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