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'Choose care home by eating there'

'Choose care home by eating there'
16th January 2008

Before selecting a care home for an elderly relative, families should have a meal or even spend the night in the establishment, according to experts.

A guide published by Counsel and Care stated that eating at care homes can give family members and the elderly person in question an opportunity to see "the best or worst of a home", reports the Daily Mail.

"For most people, meals are very important - the food, the company and the atmosphere." it adds.

"The food should be sufficient, varied, appealing, wholesome and nutritious. There should be snacks and drinks available to you whenever possible."

The guide also suggested that people check the levels of privacy afforded by the home and whether residents can personalise their rooms.

Meanwhile, a recent poll by Appletiser showed that over half of Brits consume less than three portions of fruit and vegetables each day.

A spokesperson for the company said that people should attempt to eat the recommended five portions of fruit and veg a day as they are missing out on vital vitamins and minerals which can protect from heart disease and age-related memory loss.

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