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Chinwag network set up for lively elders

10th August 2006

Elderly people in the Kentish town of Edenbridge are being encouraged to regain their social life.

The Contact the Elderly national charity has set up a monthly opportunity for elderly people who live alone to meet others, reports the Sevenoaks Chronicle.

One Sunday each month, between ten and 16 elderly people are driven to volunteers' homes where they can enjoy a cup of tea and a good chat with new friends.

"In many cases the elderly feel abandoned by everyone. They feel that if something happened to them or they died, nobody would notice," said the project's development officer Jean Molloy.

"This welcomes them back into the world again and gives them a chance to build friendships and realise people do care," she continued, adding that it gives elderly people a welcome chance to get out of the house.

The charity is looking for both volunteer drivers and hosts for the events.