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Children helped to understand MND through new publication

Children helped to understand MND through new publication
18th December 2009

Motor neurone disease (MND) is a remarkably complex condition and one which many children may have difficulty in understanding.

However, the MND Association hopes to address this issue by publishing When Someone Close Has MND, an interactive booklet to teach people about the condition.

Lucy Hawking, the daughter of the highly revered scientist Professor Stephen Hawking, spoke with experience about MND and said the new workbook is able to help people recognise complex emotions that are so overwhelming for those who are faced with a loved one who has the condition.

She was "really impressed" by the sensitivity in the subject approach, adding that the workbook properly tackled the problems which kids encounter such as how to explain MND to friends, while also giving strong tips on childcare.

Ms Hawking continued: "The combination of activity suggestions, comments and information was nicely balanced and I am sure this workbook will be a real help to people of any age coming to terms with the impact of MND on their family."

MND is still a tough disease to understand, with the condition affecting each person in a different way and no definitive symptoms known.

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