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Charity urges older people to get flu jab

2nd October 2006

Help the Aged has urged the elderly and vulnerable to go to their doctor and get a flu jab.

Responding to concerns that older people may not seek the vaccination because of concerns about being a financial burden, the charity spokesperson said the reality is exactly the reverse.

"They feel they will be a burden on the NHS but, actually, if people get their flu vaccine they can make sure they take themselves out of the pool of risk," said Kate Jopling.

"Then they will not cost the NHS thousands in terms of treating them when they have got flu."

The government has confirmed that there are significant delays in the supply of flu vaccines due to a problem with supply earlier in the year and there will not be enough to meet demand until September, the Department of Health has admitted.

Existing supplies are therefore being prioritised for the most vulnerable and Help the Aged has urged those most at risk to seek the preventative treatment.